Late Summer Lilly

Nelly thought everyone had forgotten about her. Would she spend her last years alone with no one to share her life with her?

Then, one morning she found a lily flower long after the blooming season was over. She grabbed at this as a symbol of hope for her future, believing something good will happen.

Losing almost everything she owned, made her loose hope also and she forgot about the lily flower. Until some sunny day when hope was renewed.


Deadly Innocent.

Deadly Innocent: He may not be guilty of murder, but his love proved deadly to more than one Paperback


Love, physical abuse, emotional trauma, murder. The suspect was accused, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced. But was he guilty of murder? Or was he only guilty of loving?

The first time, Floyd Davies fled his sad memories. He travelled the world and came back wiser. He found a job and a place to stay. He thought he had settled.

He was not looking for love, but it happened. And then the lonely years.

Love was rekindled. Would love be returned? Why do some women always chose the wrong men? Would he be able to resque her again?

Man in a Picture.

Man In The Picture: The Family Hunt For An Unkown Man Kindle Edition

They found her on her bed, her hand on her heart. In her hand was a picture of a group of men. One face was encircled in red. Mo ome knew who the man was whose face was in the red circle. And she could not tell them.

After the funeral her only two surviving family members, her grandson and granddaughter started searching for the identity of the man in the picture. The youth knows about the possibilities that social media offers. Sharon, the granddaughter had a daughter who, against her mother’s wishes made a discovery and connections that far surpassed everyone’s expectaions.

But it was through the contribution of Polly the parrot, that the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. /2rn1njX

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The Bigger Fish

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Two girls, art students at college, coming from the same kind of back ground but were opposites in their reactions. Both were abused as children, they had little support and had to deal with their past and circunstances. They did it in completely different ways. Joni was driven, ambitios and realistic about her strengths and weaknesses. Lisa, hightly talented, but ever self-doubting, dealt with her pain by drowning them in substance abuse.

Quinten was a young man with his own problems. He tried to make something of his junky younger brother who involved Lisa in his business. Quinten came to the resque when Joni caught his eyes, not knowing Lisa had already spotted him.

When salvation was offered, Joni was sceptic while Lisa jumped in blindly, trusting, and was fully delivered at once. Although it was not the end of all her problems, she stuck with her new freedom and reaped the joy that surpasses all understanding.

It was only after tragedy struck that Joni fully submitted to the salvation that came so easy to Lisa. /2rn1njX


My Father’s Will

Stephan Howard Hammond knew his children would squander the fortune he was about to leave them in his last will and testament. And he knew it was his fault. He should have trained them to work with money wisely, but he didn’t.

Francine Hammond was very little when her father walked out on them. Her sister and three brothers were affected by the divorse more than she was, perhaps because her mother paid more attention to her and prayed her through the worst. She grew up to have a will of her own, not knowing that some day she would be severely tested to submit to the Will of her Father in Heaven when dealing with the will and testament of her earthly father.

Secrets were revealed that changed direction for the family. Some more secrets were uncovered that almost shattered Francine and placed heavy burdens on her shoulders. How can she do what was required while being shunned by her siblings? Her Father had always directed her steps and kept her safe and pure. Will she now follow her own mind or obey the Will of her Father?