All through her young life, Magdel had thoughts of writing stories. It was, however, not before her children had all left home that she started writing seriously. She finished an Afrikaans novel and found a publisher. This publisher was a oneman business. When the man died, her book died.

Magdel tried her hand at writing in English and through social media found a publisher. Or he found her. Whatever the case, her first English novel was released in early 2016. Three novellas followed soon after.

As a Hospice volunteer Magdel wrote patients’stories for the Hospice Facebook Page. She interviewed the patients – or their surviving relatives – to get firsthand accounts of their experiences with serious illness and the assistance they received from Hospice.

Magdel’s publisher introduced her to Medium, a platform where any writer can submint articles and stories of various themes. She often writes stories, both fiction, non-fiction and poetry and publish them on Medium. see Magdel’s stories on Medium:

For a more detailed inshight into Magdel’s long journey to becoming a published author, attend her webinar;

Evan Swensen of Publication Consultants is Magdel’s publisher. He hosts a group called Author Masterminds where every reader is a friend and every writer is available. Magdel is a charter member of Author Masterminds. She is also a member of Readers and Writers Book Club where readers can connect with their favourite Author Masterminds writer and get books at a handsome discount.

To view Magdel’s bookshelf on Author Masterminds, click on this link:

If you have three dollars to spare, join Readers and Writers Book Club for excellent reading experiences:

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