The Challenge to be Creative

When you grew up in the age of typewriters, everything electronic is alien. You switch on your new desktop and your fingers hessitate above the keybord. What if I press a wrong button and the thing explodes in my face. Or you open your laptop and sit back just incase it grabs your hand, pulls you in and swallows you.

Getting familiar with your computer takes time, but it happens. You learn new things every day and you get to do more new things as you go. You learn social media. What a wonderful place to be. All your old friends are there, some school mates, former collegues, neighbours and many unknowns who become friends.

But you didn’t buy a computer only for social purposes. You want to be creative. There is a story or two in your mind that needs to be released on paper. So you discover Word or some other program and you start to type. How wonderful to be able to make corrections and changes without waisting a ton of paper.

Story finished, you need a publisher. Time to learn to google. To make a very long story very short, you find the suitable publisher who requires you to do all kinds of things on your electronic device. You put your fingers in your hair and ask yourself:

“Why, o why did I even bother to write a book?”

With a deep sigh you dig in and start clicking on the links provided. If you haven’t learned to copy and paste while writing your book, you learn it now. And you learn to download all kinds of stuff, like photos for your cover image and your bio.

Struggling through all these things, you learn and become an “expert”. Until you realise you need a website and a blog. No problem, you’ll just get a professional to set up your website. Then you find out about the cost. But your books haven’t started selling yet. You can’t afford to pay a professional. Without a website, your books won’t sell, everyone tells you.

Finding a good place to set up a free or low cost website is not difficult. Through your superior knowlege of the internet this is the easy part. It is when you start setting up your super cool website that you realise how little you know. This is your biggest challenge at creativity.

Lots of nailbiting, hairpulling and gallons of coffee result in the end-product that you can be proud of. Though still in its baby shoes, your site is done and ready to be published, knowing it will have to change and grow. This is where I am right now.

Make my efforts worth my while and visit my site.

Thank you to everyone who honours my hard work and take a little bit of your precious time to check in.

Magdel Roets.

Author of Christian and religious fiction and non-fiction.

Charter member of Author Masterminds where every reader is a friend and every writer is approachable.

Member of Readers and Writers Book Club where you get to know your favourite Author Masterminds writer and find a variety of genres by award winning authors, at a handsome discount.

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